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13 May 2006 @ 02:16 pm
as of 9:10 last night, i have officially started back into gigs. my first show is sun. yeah for me.
18 April 2006 @ 08:56 pm
i understand that i make my own emotions and i can control how my day goes but damn sometimes i think that subconciously your mind doesnt pay attention to your heart because sometimes its hard to concentrate when there are a lot of distractions. everybody needs to just lay down.
09 April 2006 @ 03:36 pm
well my manager totally made me feel like a p.o.s today. she yelled at me because "i didnt clean the mirrors well enough" and she thought that i lied when i said i did it. bitch, please.
Current Mood: groggybitch, please.
24 February 2006 @ 07:43 pm
Bees in the caramel and i'm not afraid,
Surgeons make incisions what a mess they've made
Tearing at my skin, leaving knives in my brain
Stabbing at the voices making me insane.

girls vomit candy, and lie that they're fed
boys whisper lullabies and wet their beds
eat TV violence on the toast that they spread
talking with their mouths full here is what they've said....

say hello to my little friend, the world is getting ugly and we did it again
the bandaid only covers the bullet hole

spiders in my hair and guns on my mind,
thinking of the people who've been so unkind
if looks could kill them i might make myself blind
staring at the reasons that i just cant find
kids break the dishes, they crash on the floor
parents hate the noise and shove them out the door
robots steal emotions, hide them under their beds
it gets them so excited here is what they've said...

say hello to my little friend, the world is getting ugly and we did it again
the bandaid only covers the bullet hole
13 January 2006 @ 08:41 am
alas! my stomach muscles are emerging. someday i will have my six pack back. today i appear a little uninviting, but dont't be scared. i am just emerging from a wonderful sleep. and now the ears of my ears awake and now the eyes of my eyes are open.

bombing for peace is like screwing for virginity...
Current Mood: awakeawake
06 January 2006 @ 08:33 am
i want to change the name of my site. it sounds really emo and its not even spelled right. huh. normally one would think about their site name before they go and screw it up, right...so anybody who reads this HOW DO I CHANGE MY FUCKING SITE NAME. and since this is a journal entry, i'm going to cut to the chase and ask why do girls have to be so god damn complicated? i gave up on guys a long time ago and i am starting to give up on girls. well first period, we got a drumline together and played for the period. god damn i love drumming. what the hell would i be without it? a loser.
Current Mood: complacenti can't look life in the eye..
Current Music: hot hot heat
05 January 2006 @ 08:52 am
i am totally exausted from conditioning yesterday. crew all of the sudden has gotten real hard. wow. well, i also got surgery on my ear and it kills like a bitch. the stitches are pulling on each other (which probably could have been preventable) and it feels like shit. thats pretty much it. new years was pretty awsome. i have never ever gotten tipsy off of champaign except that night. it was really aqward (wow definatly spelled that wrong)to be like that at a jazz club. oh well there i go making a fool out of myself again. also i was dancing with heather, and i go to spin her and i totally broke the necklace that i let her borrow. AH. that sucks because i actually liked that thing. i'm pretty sure my sister got it for me too, thats rare. so now i have a headache, three peices of necklace, a tight ass (which is only good for brittany), and a bleeding ear. what else is there to say? until next time.
Current Mood: crappynot bad crappy, good crappy
Current Music: Ben Folds Five- bitches ain't shit
20 December 2005 @ 08:20 am
well i haven't really felt like christmas. i know your probably saying,"silly jenny, you can't feel like christmas," but really..you can. right now i am chewing on a peice of gum like a cow in computer class. i really regret signing up for this class because its full of retarted people. fun, right? i suck a spelling so all typing has done is make sure that i type gibberish faster. now i will start typing without raping the backspace buttin.ass you can see i prettty much get the lettersm and you get the message. but gat and get could totally make a good day bad....oh i don't know, like today. this is a great segway. so today has been really hard and its only like 8:26. hello. i'm to young to have to deal with all of this stress this warly (early) in th e morning. sometimes i wish school happened on the right days instead of the wrong days. i know thats a lot to ask form the universe or karma er whatever, but i mean what the hell is up waith all of this stress. i know i am totally wrong with this statement, but i am being victimized (sp?). after i think about it i do have a lot to be thankful for but I also have a lot of burden and that sucks. like i just got my internet back because i've reduced the bitch level, and i suppose thats what my parents wanted. whatever. well on wednesday i am supposed to go to toledo till friday to see some of my family. hopefully i can convince my dad to leave on thrsday so that i can hang out with the homies at maura's and what not. i need a break/segway. i know that i'm going to be seeing my parent's friends/family and i going to be telling them about my life and repeating my self over and ovr for old people and i am going to have to be perfect so that my grandparents don't think that i am trying to kill myself. my grandma flipped out when she saw my sketch book. she was giving me these disgusted looks and that pissed me off because i realized she was making me feel like crap about something that i take time out of my life to do. um grandma this is how i manage to enjoy life and i don't need you to critiqe them.but i am pretty lucky i guess because my parents are artsy fartsy people so they understand things.uh, they make it easy to live with my drawings. i don't have to explain them to them (what an odd sentence). so thank you mom and dad for not being grandma and grandpa.i wish i still talked to some of the people i talked to last year in seventh period. i didn't really get to know some of them a lot but i wanted to and then i had gym and then summer.wow that sucks.have a nice day.
Current Mood: confusedconfused
Current Music: frankenstein girls
06 December 2005 @ 08:23 am
well yesterday i talked to my parents and they decided to let me get the internet back. thats wonderful because i want to be able to do something besides livejournal at school. not like i'm going to be doing livejournal at home or anything because i think its boring and i hate it. well thats all i have to say about that. um my sister has been a real poop lately for various reasons and i wish that she would just get over herself. well i hope to be starting work soon at the drycleaners and then delias in the summer. i need money badly because i'm running out really fast. hopfully i'll meet some cool people. i haven't meet anyone new lately and i sorta want to. someone awsome who could change my life. well life is swell right now because i'm on coffee and this is probably fake happyness, which is all right i guess...why not. well on saturday after listening to intrigue and totally getting wiped out, i decided to play pool and that was a horrible idea because i couldn't line anything up. i'm a grade A...oh but theres more...so i decided to go outside with brittany brewer and she was cracking these jokes and i was already like out of it and what not so i decided to go back inside and chill out but i like tripped over myself and like thats all. theres something really degrading about that to me and i should probabl chill out but how can you when your at a party full of gorgeous (sp?) people and your uh high on life. this happens quite a lot and i don't know why. the only down side to the weekend was that i didn't get to go to the gallery hop on saturday. whats her face went and get this rubber ducky and it had rainbows on it. i laughed. the like is the hottest band ever.
Current Mood: awakeCOFFEE
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02 December 2005 @ 08:27 am
well to answer my own question, reliant k is pretty much amazing, I love that song about emotional girls...umm, the song that talks about chicks and mood rings.i think that the lyrics go like this...we should get emotional girls to all wear mood rings so that we know...blah blah blah.this song is really awesome because its really true and the lyrics are sexalent...yeah, do you like that word?yeah, get over it.well my weekend should be bitchin in the kitchen (go ahead and laugh)you know why???because the whole population is turing sixteen this weekend, soooo, everyone is partying this weekend and we are going to the Short North and thats exciting and then I'm going to Erin's on Saturday and Intregue is going to be playing at her party.thats the bitchin in the kitchen part.well, the negative part of this is that I am offically broke because I have spend all my money on real nice gifts because they're my loves.i don't mind though.I have a problem with spending money on people, it feels like thats all I do.yeah i've totally degraded myself.i'm such a push over sometimes.if i ever go out, i pay and if i'm with my sister i pay. well, looks like i'm not going to hell anymore! well I had coffee this morning and this is the first time I have ever had coffee before school.so far its really awesome because I can actually see as opposed to every other morning were I'm stumbling over swollen sleepy eyes.ha i'm a grade a loser.thats all right.

I can't get away from all of my mistakes
It just now hit me this is more that just a set back
Did we spell it out? well I guess I didn't get that
And not a trace, this momentum is gone
And this isn' t turning out the way I want
After all my alibies desert me
I just want to get by and do nothing to hurt me
I had no idea where my head was at
If my heart says I'm sorry can we leave it at that
And I just want for all of this to end
I so hate consequences and running from is one of my best defenses
Current Mood: i so hate consequences
Current Music: reliant k